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Frequently asked Question


What is Walla?

Walla is a fabric one-piece wall covering that turns boring walls into beautiful landscapes, patterns & textures, art pieces, branded office environments as well as marketing and advertising Ad Spaces (or anything else you can think of!).

Walla Wall Comparison

Walla Wall Features
  • No Seams / Walla is One Piece
  • No Messy Adhesives
  • Totally Removable and Interchangeable
  • Easy 20 Minute Install
  • Soft décor fabric texture
  • Add your company logo and custom text for a branded environment
  • No Paint Damage –The only adhesive that touches wall is 2” wide Walla attachment strips on all sides leaving an average of 95% of the wall untouched
  • Fire Retardant
  • Save your Walla Wall dimensions upon purchase to make ordering a new Walla Wall a snap. Select your Image, Saved Wall and Checkout.
How does Walla Wall work?

Walla Wall works by first installing 2” wide attachment strips on all sides of the wall which butt against an adjacent wall, ceiling or floor. The one piece fabric Walla is then attached at one side at a time until it is “stretched” across the entire wall and connected on all sides to create a full bleed wall covering.

When a different wall covering is desired, the existing wall covering can be unattached and the new one attached in the same method while the attachment strips remain on the wall. The previous wall covering can then be folded in a small box and stored for its next use.

What is the difference between the Standard Imagery and Walla Artist Gallery sections?

The Standard Imagery Library is a comprehensive selection of ALL the images in our library. This is a good place to start browsing.

The Walla Artist Gallery is a more refined selection of various imagery. Image content in this section comes from specific photographers, artists, and other contributors partnered with Walla Wall with imagery use for Walla specifically in mind. This is a work in progress and currently may have limited content.

Where can I use Walla Wall?
  • Walla can be used with any interior painted wall or any surface Walla attachment strips will adhere to
  • Walla is not meant for exterior applications
Is Walla REALLY interchangeable and removable / reusable?

Other companies offer adhesive vinyl decal “murals” that ship to you as multiple panels which require dealing with large and unwieldy decal pieces and lining up seams to install correctly. This is virtually impossible without a professional installer.

These panels stick to your wall and then can be “removed” and “reused” according to them. However upon removal you are likely to have a mess of adhesive panels that cannot be reused, as well as damaged paint. How would you be expected to store a bunch of large decal panels that have already been peeled from their backing?

Walla is a non-adhesive soft fabric that can be removed and then folded up until it is ready to be used again. The Walla attachment strips can remain on the wall to be used with a new Walla (this is intended) or can be easily removed if you prefer your blank wall back (why would you want that??).

Walla Wall can be changed out in as little as 15 minutes. There is no “lining up the seams to match” as Walla is all one piece and virtually anyone can do it.

What is Walla used for?

Walla is used to turn a blank boring wall into an environment or Ad Space of your choice.

Residential Applications :

Residential customers use Walla seasonally (a different wall for Holidays, one for Halloween, etc.), or whenever they want a change in scenery (Green forest to Italian Venetian Canal).

Commercial Applications / uses
  • 1. Branding an office environment with an image of your choice and / or your company logo
  • 2. Creating an Ad Space for a Marketing Campaign
  • 3. Implementing Tradeshow Displays
  • 4. Implementing Event Displays


What does the Walla Wall texture look like?

Walla Wall has a soft fabric texture that works nicely with Home and Office décor. It is not a “hard looking,” “commercial grade” adhesive vinyl that some providers use.

Can I wash my Walla Wall?

Yes. You can wash your Walla Wall in a standard washing machine on the “Perma Press” setting with standard dry time.

Is Walla Wall flame retardant?

Walla Wall is a flame retardant material.


What is the maximum size of Walla Wall?

The maximum size for a Walla Wall is 10’ H x 20’ W (120" H x 240" W). If you require a size larger than this please contact Sales for a custom estimate.

Walla recommends working with the max size available as a larger / custom size (other than what is available for purchase immediately online) can be considerably more expensive.

What is the minimum size of Walla Wall?

The minimum size for a Walla Wall is 4’ H x 4’ W (48" H X 48" W). Walla cannot be made smaller than 4’ (48") for the height or the width. Please see “What Walls are Walla meant for?” below before ordering a non “full bleed” Walla.

What walls are Walla Wall meant for?

Walla Wall is intended to fully cover a wall on all sides (i.e. “Full Bleed”). Installing Walla Wall requires “riding” or butting up the Walla Attachment Strips against the side walls, ceiling and floor which allows easy placement of these strips.

If you do not have a wall side, ceiling or floor to use to place the attachment strips up against then exact measurements would be required for the attachment strips to be placed properly (not suggested).

Therefore Walla strongly suggests ONLY using Walla Wall for full bleed walls (i.e. not for a 4’H x 4’W piece in the middle of an 8’H x 10’W wall – the exact measurements of where to place the attachment strips would be quite difficult to measure for unless you are an expert).



Company logos in “vector” format can be added to your image with Walla’s customizable design tool. Vector format (typically .AI file) is required to insure all content added is crisp and clean in its final product. If you are unfamiliar with “vector” format your logo designer should be able to provide your company logo to you in this format.

Examples of what can be added to your image :

-Company logos in vector format

Examples of what cannot be added to your image :

-Images and photographs (Non "vector" artwork). This type of artwork would not look acceptable at the size Walla Wall will be as its final product.


Text can also be added to your image.


Use of the Upload feature is recommended for advanced users only. To use the Upload feature the user should be familiar with graphic applications such as Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator as well as image requirements for large output such as Walla.

Images submitted to Walla via the Upload tab are expected to be “press ready” (ready to print without editing).

If you are not an advanced user or do not have “press ready” artwork, Walla suggests choosing artwork from the Standard Imagery section.

Please note all uploaded files need to be to scale to your width and height dimensions (i.e. 100% scale, 50% scale, etc.). 100% scale is strongly recommended. Please also review the file setup instructions before proceeding.

Raster Images :

An uploaded image that is raster should be submitted at actual size at 100 dpi. For example if the user is producing a Walla that is 8’ H x 10’ W (96" H x 120" W) then the image size should be 8’ H x 10’ W  (96" H x 120" W) at 100 dpi.

Vector Images :

An uploaded vector image can be submitted at scale if it is not possible to submit at actual size due to artboard constraints (rare). Before submitting vector artwork please make sure all of your fonts are outlined.

Turnaround Shipping & returns


What is the standard turnaround for Walla products? The standard turnaround is 7 business days. This is when your order will ship not arrive.


Walla Wall sounds big. What are the shipping costs?

Walla Wall folds and ships in a small package roughly 2’ X 1’ X 2’. Standard Walla Walls also always ship for free to the continental U.S.

How big is the Walla Wall SHIPPING package?

Your Walla Wall will arrive in a box approximately 2’ X 1’ X 2.’ As it is fabric, it will come folded. When you unfold it and attach it to the wall there will be no wrinkles.


What is the Walla Wall return policy?

In order to offer the best pricing Walla depends on our customers to provide us with the correct measurements of their wall in order for us to provide them with the correct size Walla Wall. Also each Walla Wall is manufactured custom to your specific wall size and image.

For these reasons Walla Wall does not accept exchanges or provide refunds for Walla products that are the result of a measurement error. Please double (or even triple!) check your measurements and the Walla Wall measurement FAQ (provided here) before submitting your Walla Wall.

If you are unhappy with your Walla product for any other reason you can ship it back to us for a full refund.